Our Mission

The pioneer spirit of our ancestors who ventured across the Continent to explore new and exciting opportunities for all who dare the adventure trail is above all the attitude of our legacy at The Griddle, one that conveys the spirit of hospitality in an atmosphere of community and congeniality. Our efforts are dedicated to these qualities for you our customers. We will not compromise these standards. You will find our food to be the finest available and prepared and served with the finest care.

Griddle history

The Griddle opened for business in August of 1948 and operated year-round only serving breakfast. At the end of October 1950, the owners decided to change to a seasonal operation and beginning in April of 1951. The Griddle operated as a breakfast only establishment, seasonally between April and October. Beginning with the 1960 season, Mike and Betty Aboud leased the operation until purchasing the business at the end of 1961. In short order, the Aboud’s turned The Griddle into a year-round operation again, but continued to serve only breakfast. Perfecting a homemade breakfast, the Aboud’s built a name and reputation that has become synonymous with “Good Cookin”.
In 1979, David Aboud, Mike and Betty’s youngest son took on the dinner operations and The Griddle operated year-round serving breakfast and dinner, until the mid-80’s when David decided to try his hand at lunch as well with his mom and dad running breakfast and him running lunch and dinner. Bringing lunch to the table showed his parents just what he was made of and by the late 80’s he was operating all three meals and eventually purchased the business from them. David continued to build on his parent’s reputation offering diner style fare with a gourmet twist and his mother’s homemade desserts. In 2005, David purchased all of the family real estate holdings and shifted his attention to sharing The Griddle hospitality with other communities and friends through expansion, choosing to close dinner operations in Winnemucca and look towards the future of great breakfast and lunch offered alongside great service. David did this by opening new locations in Meridian in 2007, Eagle in 2009, Boise in 2012, and Nampa in 2017

Weekly specials

We offer weekly specials! We pride ourselves in creating unique dishes and following market trends. Our delicious weekly specials are made in house from scratch using fresh and local ingredients. To see our specials connect with us on social media.